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Welcome to Taking The Lead!

Let's showcase your RLO on the website!

🌟 Every member of Taking The Lead is encouraged to create their very own profile page, where you can spotlight your organisation's achievements, mission, and impact.

Want to see what your profile could look like? Click here to view any of our members' pages from the network directory.

To build these pages, we need some information from you. Please fill this with the most details that you can provide!

Quick heads-up:

1️⃣ Gather your details beforehand: including basic info, quotes, your RLO's mission and successes, and any photos you'd like to share.

2️⃣ Remember: you can't save your form progress midway, so please complete the form in one sitting!

3️⃣ Plan ahead: this form takes roughly 30-40 minutes, sit back and enjoy the process.

Need a checklist?

➡️ RLO Basics: Location, foundation year, social media links, staff & volunteer numbers, number and origin of refugees represented.

➡️ Your RLO's Story: Mission statement, goals, top achievements, and why 'Taking The Lead' matters to you.

➡️ TTL Goals: Share how TTL's goals align with yours and what achieving them means for you.

➡️ Visuals: Upload your logo and 4 of your fave shots to feature on your profile.

Got everything? 🎈 Dive in, and let's show the world your awesomeness! 🚀🌍🔥

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