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Community voices: refugee-led initiatives for gender justice and climate action

As part of our series of community calls, members of the Taking the Lead network come together regularly to learn from the experiences and expertise of one another.

For our call in October 2023, we were joined by Divine Mulaya, Nsala Elie Tshikuna and Kesiya Stamili Ramazani who shared their experiences of leading initiatives for gender justice and climate action.

Divine Mulaya is a passionate advocate for peace, girls' rights, and climate action. She is currently the child focal person at the Refugee Coalition for Climate Action. Committed to community service, Divine volunteers as a peace dialogue champion with Childline Zimbabwe and as a facilitator for the GBV intervention program with UNHCR Zimbabwe. Her dedication to promoting a better world is truly inspiring.

Nsala Elie Tshikuna is an Aeronautical Engineering student at the University of Zimbabwe. He is an advocate for climate action, refugees' rights, and child protection. Elie serves as the Communication Coordinator at the Refugee Coalition for Climate Action. Previously, he was a youth leader and public speaking mentor at Tongogara Camp. Elie actively participated in various community service activities organized by UNHCR and partners such as World Vision Zimbabwe, Childline Zimbabwe, Terres des hommes, Red-Cross Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe’s Department of Social Development in Tongogara Refugee camp, Zimbabwe.

You can watch Divine and Elie's intervention below.

Kesiya Stamili Ramazani is the co-founder and co-director of the Transformation Innovation Hub (TIH), a refugee-led organization that provides entrepreneurial training and resources. Kesiya discovered her passion for community service by empowering marginalized and refugee youth as a life coach and personal development trainer at the Transformation Innovation Hub. Outside of her work in business, she is an emerging gospel artist. Her ultimate goal is to create a world where young marginalized women can fulfill their life purpose and be able to create green skills for the betterment of their community. You can watch Kesiya's intervention below.

The Taking the Lead community calls are being hosted by MobLab Collective's Emma You Biermann. Emma's mother was herself a refugee from Cambodia who fled to the UK in the 1970s as a result of US bombings on her country. Emma is a transformational trainer, facilitator, strategist and physical movement practitioner, working for trauma informed systems change.

During the call, interpretation was provided by Na Takallam.


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