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These refugees weren't allowed to attend the Global Refugee Forum

And they have something to say about it. Ironically, #GRF2023 highlighted the inability of many refugee leaders to attend.

From the 13-15 of December in Geneva, world leaders, civil society organizations, refugee advocates and leaders, and refugee envoys gathered to discuss the many obstacles left to resettlement, integration, and full statehood for refugees around the world.

As #GRF2023 comes to a close, we want to highlight the voices of refugee leaders that were not able to be in Geneva this week.

“Empower refugees with the wings of freedom, for in the open skies of liberty, they will soar, enriching the world with the mosaic of their resilience and untapped potential.”

  • Rashid Ahmed Hassan, co-founder and director of Liban Center Education Organization, Kenya.

“A refugee whose legal rights are not considered."

  • Mohammed Osman is the cofounder and director of Community Support Initiative for Dabaab Refugee Camp, Kenya. His message reminds us of the legal barriers that have kept refugees away from #GRF2023.

"Refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as the host community. Restricting their ability to integrate perpetuates a sense of isolation and dependency, hindering their potential contributions."

  • Mohamed Ahmed Hassan, Empathy Aid Society, Kenya

“I am calling for the 3 Rs: Resettlement, Reintegration, Repatriation. Like many, I have been waiting 3 decades for resettlement. Refugees need work permits. I am waiting for repatriation, but there is no peace in my country.”

  • Aden Samriye, Safe Environmental Organization Kenya

“Since education is the only thing that can help solve refugees' crises, let's give education to the refugees' children so they can change their own fates by themselves if they're promoted in education.”

  • Mohammed Rezuwan Founder and CEO of Global Rohingya Future, Bangladesh

"When we open our hearts to refugees, we open doors to diversity, understanding, and the world will be a safe zone for all humans. Open your hearts for the refugees in Dadaab camps who have been in an open prison over 3 decades!"

  • Mohamed Abdikadir Ahmed from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.


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