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The Caring for Widows and Orphans Organisation (CWOO) is a nonprofit community-based initiative, established in 2018 in the Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana West. Its mission is to empower orphans, widows, and elderly people with special needs. Key projects include establishing a sustainable orphanage and a computer training centre for youths. CWOO stands as an advocate for the voiceless in society. The organisation envisions expanding its reach beyond Africa to assist vulnerable groups worldwide.

Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO)

Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO)

Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Somalia

We support communities from:


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Refugees Supported

Language training, Vocational training, Livelihood support

Children’s rights, Disability rights, Environment, Women’s rights, LGBTQ+ Rights

Our activities:
Our focus:
Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO)


"Together with our local members, we've identified effective ways of helping all members. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we successfully launched a project where we managed to mobilise funds, teaching our widows how to sew masks and distributed them to local members. Since our inception, we have implemented numerous programmes for orphans, aiding them in joining schools and vocational training. We maintain contact with them after they finish their school programmes, providing references for work placements as we strive towards durable solutions."
Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO) on Taking The Lead

Why is the Taking The Lead network important to you?

"Taking The Lead network is one of the best I have ever attended since we started. It's provided me with excellent ideas and ways to become a good leader – a leader who understands his role. For me, going through the training was important and it has even helped me plan my income so I can manage our activities, regardless of whether we have donors or not."

With more funding and resources, our organisation could...

"enhance our ability to help more refugees. Direct funding would allow us to gain sufficient knowledge on management and leadership. Consequently, we would be more capable of tackling community matters.”

A shift from negative to positive narratives about refugees would lead to...

"better ways of empowering refugees and getting more knowledge on advocacy."

If refugees could influence decisions that affect them, it would mean...

"he or she will definitely affect all refugees, and that is lack of knowledge."
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Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO)

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"According to me, the Taking The Lead network is important as we can now see people understand that we need access to funding in order to empower more women and children. Without your efforts, we can't achieve positive outcomes."

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Caring for Widow and Orphans (CBO)



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