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Supporting and empowering youth living in our camp is the main goal of Hormud Development. We encourage the development of youth through sports and life-skills training, discouraging destructive behaviors like drug use, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies. Our mission is to promote youth health and wellness, and aspiration to live peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Hormud Development

Hormud Development


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Hormud Development


"Our biggest success as an organisation has been planning and leading several sporting activities and coach training. We've run mass awareness campaigns against drug and substance abuse, as well as suicidal behavior. Finally, we've also provided land for youth to cultivate gardens for livelihood support."
Hormud Development on Taking The Lead

Why is the Taking The Lead network important to you?

"Taking the lead is crucial since virtual networking allows us to receive complete knowledge and training for capacity enhancement. Discussions on global empowerment of RLOs are also a highlight."

With more funding and resources, our organisation could...

"be in a better position to receive external funding, since we currently rely only on minimal funding from camp residents in the business community."

A shift from negative to positive narratives about refugees would lead to...

"improved conditions over previous years because refugees would have more experience in ensuring operations are conducted smoothly and seamlessly."

If refugees could influence decisions that affect them, it would mean...

"the cultivation of positive memories and reliable capabilities among refugees."
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Hormud Development

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"Realizing these goals would improve conditions in our camps considerably, fulfilling our ambitions to develop the youth in a positive manner."

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Hormud Development



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