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We strive to create a safe and healthy environment for both the refugees we represent and our host communities through targeted eco-friendly and hygiene activities. These activities include planting trees, clearing bushes in camps, and providing personal hygiene support kits and devices.

Safe Environmental Organisation

Safe Environmental Organisation

Somalia, Sudan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya

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Advocacy and campaigning, Refugee community building support

Disability rights, Environment

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Safe Environmental Organisation


"We've planted 5,000 trees, providing much-needed shade and the beauty of a natural, green environment in previously barren areas. We've also cleared blocked roads transforming previously hazardous areas into accessible, safe pathways. Finally, we are responsible for distributing hygiene kits to vulnerable individuals and those living with disabilities."
Safe Environmental organisation on Taking The Lead

Why is the Taking The Lead network important to you?

"Participating in Taking the Lead workshops has been key for teaching us valuable RLO management skills and ways to connect and collaborate with donors and other stakeholders. The network helps us navigate and overcome challenges posed by community and authorities to RLOs."

With more funding and resources, our organisation could...

"become direct service providers to the communities we serve and live within, delivering the right services at the right time."

A shift from negative to positive narratives about refugees would lead to...

"decisions that are more appropriate, limiting corruption on refugee resources and fostering transparency and trust among refugee stakeholders and donors."

If refugees could influence decisions that affect them, it would mean...

"an improved quality of life for refugees, as narratives would be based on facts and free from false or misleading information."
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Safe Environmental Organisation

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"Our group could sustain its operational expenses and better meet refugees' needs. These needs would be addressed directly by a community-based organisation that understands them more intimately than any foreign entity could."

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Safe Environmental Organisation



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