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We are a refugee organisation situated in Dadaab, having operated in Ifo for 2 years. Our mission is to assist school children who have dropped out, offer essential counselling to youth in dire situations, advocate for women's rights, and empower refugees towards self-reliance. What distinguishes us is our steadfast commitment to education, mental health support, gender equality, and nurturing self-sufficiency among refugees.

Young Urmidig Initiative

Young Urmidig Initiative

Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Educational training, Advocacy and campaigning, Mental health support, Refugee community building support

Access to justice, Children’s rights, Disability rights, Women’s rights

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Young Urmidig Initiative


"One of our most triumphant moments in Dadaab as a refugee organisation was seeing a young girl, who had left school due to adverse circumstances, not only resume her studies but also thrive academically. With our guidance and mentorship, she reclaimed her confidence and emerged as the top student in her class. This achievement epitomises our organisation's dedication to uplifting refugee children through education and instilling hope."
Young Urmidig Initiative on Taking The Lead

Why is the Taking The Lead network important to you?

"The Taking The Lead network is crucial for us as a refugee-led organisation in Dadaab. It champions and advances refugee-led initiatives, valuing our distinct viewpoint, amplifying our voices, and ensuring that we, as refugees, are central in addressing our community's needs and challenges. This network is pivotal in nurturing effective and sustainable solutions by those who comprehend the issues most profoundly."

With more funding and resources, our organisation could...

"develop further and improve our services to the refugees we work with and serve."

A shift from negative to positive narratives about refugees would lead to...

"excellence in tackling real issues faced by refugees worldwide."

If refugees could influence decisions that affect them, it would mean...

"successful outcomes in storytelling and positive perception of refugees worldwide "
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Young Urmidig Initiative

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"Refugees' hopes and dreams will shine through."

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Young Urmidig Initiative



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