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We aim to build skilful and innovative refugees through education, enhanced livelihood, and advocacy for sustainable development.

Refugee Innovation Centre

Refugee Innovation Centre

South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Advocacy and campaigning, Educational training, Legal assistance

Children’s rights, Digital rights, Women’s rights

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Refugee Innovation Centre


"We've empowered more than 600 adolescent girls with sexual and reproductive health skills and provided them with reusable sanitary kits. Additionally, we've enabled 356 children to access early education and provided 405 refugee households with life skills and startup kits."
Refugee Innovation Centre on Taking The Lead

Why is the Taking The Lead network important to you?

"Operational efficiency in the humanitarian sector is crucial. Through the Taking The Lead network we can better respond to the unique needs of the refugee population."

With more funding and resources, our organisation could...

"achieve more impact in a more cost-effective way, improve livelihood, and provide more opportunities to apply our systems change approach."

A shift from negative to positive narratives about refugees would lead to...

"the placement of more efficient policies proportional and accurately catered to refugee needs."

If refugees could influence decisions that affect them, it would mean...

"more respect given to refugees and their humans rights."
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Refugee Innovation Centre

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"We aspire to see every parent becoming more aware of the significance of early childhood education and that every child can attend early childhood education, and that a boost in refugee livelihoods leads to self-reliance and confidence."

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Refugee Innovation Centre



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